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Discomfort by

Dr. Chad LeDune

Discomfort by Design is a pure, heartfelt, thoughtful, and exquisitely developed book about more than design learning, education, or pedagogy.

About the Book

Read any school’s mission statement and you will probably discover each strives to prepare students for the world that awaits them after their educational journey. This is a world full of experiences and challenges which are outside the comfort zones of many of our students. All of this will require specific skills and traits which are often overlooked by our current, result-oriented, education system. Discomfort by Design takes you on an entertaining and inspirational journey through a process of stepping out of our comfort zones both in and outside of the classroom. Along the way, Discomfort by Design fosters essential skills in all of us, promotes critical thinking and problem-solving, and encourages us to pursue becoming a better version of ourselves.  It’s a life-changing message and process that every student, teacher, administrator, and parent needs to experience.

About the Author

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     Chad LeDune lives in rural Indiana with his beautiful wife, Heather, their four children, and their two dogs. He loves to travel wherever his teacher’s salary will allow and spend his rare downtime with family and friends. Experiencing the ups and downs of life has given him an appreciation of time and all of the small, precious details of an ordinary day.  

     Having dedicated 21 years to educating middle and high school students, Chad is passionate about meeting today’s students' diverse needs through STEM education. His dedication to his vision and message of Discomfort by Design has taken him well beyond his previously cherished comfort zone. In addition to his work as a STEM Instrutional Coach, Science, STEM, and CTE teacher, Chad has challenged himself with several other educational endeavors. These include contributing as a STEM Subject Matter Expert for the Indiana Department of Education, founding and coordinating an annual STEM Fest for area youth, leading teachers and teaching students at a summer migrant education school, training and accompanying STEM teachers for summer exchange in China, and branching into the online education sector as STEM coordinator for an online private academy. Dr. LeDune currently works as a STEM Coach for Southwest School Corporation and is a STEM Certification Coach for the National Institute for STEM Education. 

     Chad thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to speak to educators on the benefits that come from his vision of using inquiry-based instructional methods.  He has been a keynote or guest speaker at numerous educational conferences, including regional, national, and international addresses. With this same passion, he enjoys training and assisting teachers, schools, and districts in the implementation process of creating innovative educational experiences for all involved.  


If you want to see the real face of education -- the one fraught with challenges and setbacks yet leads to inspiration -- this book is for you. Chad LeDune shares his own discomfort and how it helped him improve as an educator. You'll learn about design learning and a framework for creating meaningful learning. It's Discomfort by Design, something Chad has earned and freely shares in these pages!

 Matt Miller
Educator, speaker, and author, Ditch That Textbook

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Dr. LeDune's Professional Biography

BS in Elementary Education from Indiana State University

Master's Degree in STEM Leadership

Master’s Certificate in STEM Education from University of Cincinnati

Doctoral Degree in Instructional Technology with a focus on STEM Education. 

National Institute of STEM Education Certified

21 years of teaching science, STEM, and CTE at the middle/high school level

Author of Discomfort by Design through Code Breaker publishing company 

STEM Coordinator for Chinese Education Connection

Former STEM Coordinator for Dolphin STEM Academy

STEM curriculum writer for the Indiana Department of Education

District STEM Instructional Coach

Subject of “My Dad's a Science Teacher!” YouTube Channel

Founder of Wabash Valley STEMFest

Winner of 2018 Indiana Connected Educator Outstanding Leader Award

Conference Speaking Experience;

-Keynote Speaker at 2019 SPARC Conference

-Keynote Speaker at 2019 ICE Conference

-Keynote Speaker at 2023 Ignite Lafayette 

-Keynote Speaker at the 2023 Innovative Teaching Summit

-Spotlight Speaker at Matt Miller’s Ditch that Conference

-Spotlight Speaker for Zhejiang Provincial DOE 2018

-2018, 2019, 2020, 2023, 2024 Purdue Educator STEM Conference

-2017 and 2018 ICE Conference

-2016, 2017, and 2022 HECC Conference

-2016 and 2017 AdvancEd State STEM Conference

-Over 20 appearances at Indiana eLearning Conferences


As an educational facility in an increasingly dynamic and competitive education environment, facilities must strive to be the premier option for students’ academic needs. In order to be the best, you must provide opportunities for your students that are divergent and superior to those opportunities offered in a more traditional school setting. To do this, the mindset of your administration, teachers, and students must be conducive to innovation and growth. Through the analysis of current practices at your school, Chad will aid in the identification of the specific variables necessary for your school's pathway to success. Chad's guidance and training on inquiry-based instructional methods and effective technology use provides opportunities for an increase in motivation, achievement, opportunity, morale, your school's status in the community and surrounding areas, and even overall appearance of the building and grounds. The customized program Chad provides through his curriculum development, coaching, and training promotes the 21st century skills students need to succeed in today’s competitive world.

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Inquiry. Innovation. Growth.

Inquiry-based Instructional Methods

Through this 2-day training, Chad offers the theory, neuroscience, and practice that will transform your school's classrooms and culture into the environment that your students, faculty, and community deserve.  

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Integrated STEM Standards

More states are including integrated STEM in their teaching standards. A thorough understanding of each standard and how these can be integrated into all content areas is foundational to your school's success. Contact Dr. LeDune to help with this comprehension and application of these innovative educational standards.   

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Professional Development Speaker

Allow Dr. LeDune to kick off your professional development for your school by having him speak on one of his areas of expertise. These topics include inquiry-based instructional methods, STEM education, educational technology, and educational leadership. Chad is also able to customize a keynote to address identified needs of your school.

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Speaker Testimonials

What Dr. LeDune's Audience has to Say

Get in Touch
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Kevin Honeycutt - International Keynote Speaker

"Chad LeDune is an honest, fresh, and common sense voice in a rather dense speaker/trainer forest.  His ideas come directly from a classroom where kids are intrigued and involved in their own learning.  Take the time to investigate this man's mission."

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