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Leading with Podcasts and Vodcasts

Leading in the current educational climate is a daunting role. In addition to the high-stakes, no-win games our schools are forced to play, there is now the added stress of educating our students through a global pandemic. Leaders in our schools and classrooms are in need of methods to motivate and inspire each other and our students. This is where vodcasts and podcasts find their niche!

When I think about the qualities I feel leaders in education, or any field, need, there are a few that rise to the top in importance. Leaders lead by example and with the moral vision they have for those they lead. Leaders have a healthy dose of vulnerability, knowing not all of their actions have or will succeed perfectly. They approach challenges with the mindset of it being an opportunity to improvement toward success. Finally, leaders don't miss opportunities of different and better methods. In other words, leaders innovate!

In educations present state, podcasts and vodcasts offer the perfect medium through which to display these leadership qualities. Vodcasts and podcasts can potentially deliver the moral vision of educational leaders to thousands, even millions! This media enables educators to speak of the struggles they are enduring and the attempts they are making to meet the needs of schools and children in these difficult times. Through the use of podcasts and vodcasts, there is exchange of ideas, collaboration amongst leaders, communication of practices, and the sharing of stories. All of these enable leaders listening to or creating this media to improve toward success. Finally, podcasts and vodcasts are relatively new methods of reaching students and other educators, but they have the potential to far exceed the reach of previous methods. This makes these types of media an innovative step for educational leaders.

Many educators, students, and other roles in our society find themselves more isolated than ever before at this current moment. Leaders recognize this challenge and use the means available to them to reach those in need of motivation, inspiration, and comfort. Podcasts and vodcasts are tools that can enhance the process of meeting these challenges.

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